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Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] wikipedia update

Hi Jacques,
Below is some text for ebXML Registry. Please feel free to edit as needed.
The OASIS ebXML Registry specifications were developed to achieve interoperable registries and repositories, with an interface that enables submission, query and retrieval on the contents of the registry and repository. A registry/repository is an important component of an SOA infrastructure. The ebXML Registry specifications have evolved to provide a rich set of capabilities to meet governance and federated information management requirements of SOA. Features include access control and identity management, pre-defined queries and ad hoc queries, version control, user-defined taxonomies, extensive relationship types as well as user-defined relationship types, support for protocol bindings including HTTP (REST) and SOAP API binding, event subscription and notification, federated queries, validation of WSDL, and standard extensions for domain-specific use cases.
Version 3.0 of the ebXML Registry standards (ISO 15000-3 and -4) are available for download: http://docs.oasis-open.org/regrep/v3.0/regrep-3.0-os.zip. (Jacques, please make the word download the link).
Link to OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee Home Page: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=regrep
Link to open source Registry project: http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net/

Kathryn Breininger
Boeing Library Services
425-965-0182 phone


From: Durand, Jacques R. [mailto:JDurand@us.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 9:57 AM
To: ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-jc] wikipedia update

We still need a few lines highlighting what's new for:
- reg rep
if you send me these, I would update the wikipedia "current work"  for ebXML:
wikipedia ebxml: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EbXML

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