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Subject: ISO submission for Reg/Rep and ebBP

Jamie (and Pim),
To confirm, OASIS intends to submit our documents to ISO TC 154 for their March 2007 meeting (uncertain of exact date and location so please could you confirm).

Our ebBP v2.0.4 specifications have permanent OASIS locations although Registry is working on promoting an Errata to public review. This doesn't explicitly affect the submission. Note, though, Kathryn has asked below about whether or not we can include a link to the Errata in the ISO submission for v3.0 RIM and RS, so the changes are visible to ISO TC 154.

We'll need explicit responses on both these points:

   1. Preparation required for ISO submission and when
   2. Answers to Kathryn's questions related to the above (see below).

Please confirm and provide details.  Thanks.

sent by Breininger to Clark 9 February 2007: Hi Jamie,
We are almost done with our erratas, and will be approving them and sending out for public review in the next few weeks.  We had a couple questions:

1. Where is the ebBP standard in the ISO submission process?  We do not want to hold them up, but can also speed up our process in ebXML Registry if necessary.

2. How are the erratas packaged with an ISO submission? We would like to include a link in the erratas to TC approved Committee Drafts of the specs with the errata corrections incorporated.

Thanks for your help Jamie!

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