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Subject: Re: Request for webinar scenarios


    below is my outline - is is short we are only looking at a 30min type of slot to describe what is new and why for Version 3 messaging.  It may be useful to have our session after a general ebXML overview if one is planned or with another short session.   We may be able to add a little more at the end as we are just about ready to go for the PR and Standard Vote process that may be underway by then.

We have not decided a presenter(s) yet it may be dependent on the time slots - I can likely cover anything that is European freindly! (I think Myself and Jacques are likely with posibble fallback to Dale and Pete Wenzel)  We can confirm in a couple of weeks i.e. at least a week before the session.


Title: OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC v3.0 Standard: Overview and introduction.

Discover what is new and different for the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC v3.0 Standard from the team working on its development and introduction.

OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC v3.0 is an evolution of the existing version 2.0 specification that moves toward a web services implementation model.

The new version incorporates the use of a number of existing web service technologies for reliability and security.
It also includes new facilities for messaging pulling to allow for firewall communication issues and hub and spoke trading models.  It also allows the definition and control of a channel like mechanism to segregate messages.

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