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Subject: [ebxml-jc] Webinar Update for ebXML Specifications (everyone pleaseread)

On Monday, 2 April 2006 we again met to discuss the OASIS webinars for our framework of specifications. Here is the lay of the land as it stands right now. We've surmised we could get most of the details set by 9 April 2007 so we schedule and promote the webinars for the week of 30 April 2007. We can also use the OASIS Symposium as a promotional event.

We have received webinar abstracts, slots if provided, and other 
presenter and picture details (and OPEN items for action):

    * CPP/A:
          o OPEN: Time slot, presenter and picture are pending.
    * ebBP:
      (on ebBP list)
          o No preference on times. If I present, you can use my OASIS
            symposium biography.
          o OPEN-Picture (yuck).
          o **Note: I intend to ask a few adopters to participate in our
    * Messaging:
          o Time slot depends on availability and presenter.
          o OPEN-Presenter or picture still to be provided.
    * Registry/Repository:
          o Time slot and presenters with title and photos provided.
    * IIC: OPEN

OPEN: Dee and Carol, I'd defer to your expertise on relevant names for 
Titles to catch attention and capture the intent.
OPEN: Dee and Carol, I'd also suggest an overview brief. Pim, could you 
OPEN: Is anyone willing to sponsor calls for their webinars for toll 
free for US?
OPEN: Is anyone willing to sponsor a banner on webservices.org?

Webinar Notes....

    * ebMS: Ian, you might provide more ticklers for ebMS on indicators
      on adoption. In addition, ebMS v2.0 also supported web services.
      This may need a bit of clarification in your abstract. Toot your
      own horn.
    * CPPA: Dale, you could add a sentence or two about the value of
      what is being added - for example the capability to support
      different document exchange, to connect the business and technical
      contract, to expand functionality important for use in web
      services, etc.

OASIS Symposium:
On OASIS Symposium, Kathryn and I will be present. Dale is TBD. Ian is 
probably not. Do we wish to meet and when? How about Tuesday morning for 
breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the event lobby (see: 

OPEN: JC members please respond. Carol, Dee and Jane, you are are also 
very much welcome.

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