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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] Webinar Update for ebXML Specifications (everyoneplease read)

Dee Schur wrote:

>Thanks Monica for pulling this together. I have the following abstracts <see
>below> with a total of four webinars. Please pick a day in the week of 30
>April - 4 May.
>Should we move forward one week to 7 - 11 May for more outreach, as we are
>getting late?
mm1: Either works for me. Thanks. Still working on users but if we could 
leverage Pim to discuss too, that could optimize the participants and 
For dates: 30 April, and 3 or 4 May works better for me. I'll coordinate 
however with others to accommodate. Thanks.

>This is enough to set the webinars once you tell me the exact day and which
>time frame you would like. FYI: Other groups have said that 10:00 - 11:00AM
>EDT is OK for all continents? Do we still want to keep 2 time slots to be
>live? Remember, you can download after the live demo at any time. Most other
>webinars set on one time as the Asian participants tend to download vs. the
>cost of participating live.
>Presenter: Monica Martin
>Abstract: OASIS ebXML Business Process v2.0.4 Standard: Overview, role 
>in eBusiness, and community interest and adoption
>Discover the advantages of the ebXML Business Process Specification 
>Schema (aka ebBP) v2.0.4 Standard from the OASIS Technical Committee and 
>interested community parties. The ebBP TC invites you to attend an open 
>webinar to learn more about ebBP and the importance of eBusiness 
>collaboration using this standard business process definition in key 
>marketplaces such as health care, financial services and eGovernment. 
>Also meet community members or leaders on the edge who support this 
> ebBP is a standard business process definition for business systems 
>configured to support the execution of business collaborations between 
>partners or collaborating parties. It was borne from vertical domains 
>such as RosettaNet, EAN-UCC or GS1 and UN/CEFACT (UMM). It is targeted 
>for the design and use of business processes particularly for:
>    * Process visualization and documentation
>    * Monitoring of business activities
>    * Linking business constraints to technical execution
>    * Gateway configuration for technical contract (such as CPP/A)
> Key messages:
>ebBP is:
>    *  Focused on business needs and serve to key community domains to
>      deliver on promise of interoperable business processes
>    *  Unique with its focus on the business process quality of service
>      contract between collaborating parties or business partners 
>Listen to experts and stakeholders talk about the value of and the 
>benefit from ebBP.

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