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Subject: ebXML article from Cover Pages-FYI


NIH Updates Grants Submission Client
Joab Jackson, Government Computer News

The National Institutes of Health has upgraded its client for electronically
checking grant information by way of using the Electronic Business
Extensible Markup Language (EbXML), according to a posting on the EbXML
Forum blog. The NIH Office of Extramural Research upgraded the client, which
is designed to allow external systems interact with NIH's eReceipts Exchange
servers through a Web service interface.
This version should use less memory and run more quickly. The new S2Sclient
uses version 5 of the open source Apache Tomcat application server software
and requires version 1.5 of the Java Development Kit.
In February 2007, NIH started requiring all major grant proposals be
submitted electronically. The shift marks a major milestone in NIH's
transition to receive all grant applications electronically. NIH began with
the electronic submission of Small Business Innovation Research applications
last December [2006]. Since that time, NIH has received more than 18,000
unique grant applications. The transition to electronic submission requires
that two systems with their own registration and validation processes work
together. Those are Grants.gov, the government's single online portal to
find and apply for federal funding, and eRA Commons, the system that allows
applicants to interact electronically with NIH. Organizations using
forms-based submission will rely on the PureEdge forms viewer provided free
of charge by Grants.gov; organizations desiring a systems-to-systems
approach can work with Grants.gov to develop their own data exchange system
(XML datastream).
NIH Web Services: NIH offers web services for querying the status of grant
applications, verifying person information details, updating person
information details and requesting validation response messages.
The eRA eXchange is the system for the transfer of grant applications and
other grant-related data. The eXchange enables authorized grantee
institution or service-provider systems to transmit grant applications as
Extensible Markup Language (XML) data streams through Grants.gov to NIH.
Likewise, the eXchange allows NIH to send XML-based data streams to these
service providers and institutions. The eXchange uses Simple Object Access
Protocol (SOAP) with attachments (SwA) over Hypertext Transfer Protocol over
Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS).

See also e-applications: http://era.nih.gov/ElectronicReceipt/

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