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Subject: Draft 0.01 ebXML Core charter ideas

ActionItem 2 from Tuesday Oct 26, JC meeting




The ebXML Core TC will be the maintenance organization for ebXML TC specifications as these specifications are completed. TCs eligible for maintenance by the ebXML Core TC are ebXML Messaging, ebXML CPPA, ebXML ebBP, ebXML IIC, and ebXML RegRep …


The ebXML Core TC will provide a forum for considering clarifications, modifications, and enhancements for the specifications that ebXML TCs that have either completed their charters and/or turned over drafts for OASIS standards process finalization. The ebXML Core TC may issue errata for specifications that they maintain and may complete reviews and changes required by editor’s and committee drafts received by the TC for completion. The ebXML Core TC may form subcommittees to provide focus for specific specification tasks as they arise. The ebXML Core TC may also be an organization for the formation of charters for new ebXML TCs for major new versions of specifications or for new specifications complementing existing specifications.


The ebXML Core TC will solicit new enduser requirements as well as implementation enhancements and change requests. The Core TC may update both schemas, examples, specifications and other products of ebXML TC activities.


The ebXML Core TC will also provide information services for the ebXML.xml.org site and for OASIS Webinars and other informational activities.






1. ebXML CPPA version 3 drafts for public reviews, modifications, and for marshalling through the OASIS standardization process.

2. ebXML IIC drafts on

3. ebXML ebBP draft charter for a major new version when both change requests based on implementation experience, new use cases for the models, or requests for enhancements has reached a critical threshold.

4. ebXML conformance profiles in addition to those completed by the ebXML ebMS TC, and following its completion.


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