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Subject: [ebxml-msg-comment] Question about DeliveryReceipt and Acknowledgmentmessage

Sorry about re-sending this question if you already received it. I guess I
sent to the wrong eList last time.

In ebXML MS spec v1.18, line 1408, it says "The Delivery Receipt mechanism
MAY also be used to perform End-to-End Reliable Messaging by acting as an
Acknowledement Message.".

To me, the Acknowledgment message is like a functional ack to be sent only
if the message received is structurally correct. While the DeliveryReceipt
is a MSH-level ack which will be sent, if requested, regardless of the
correctness of the original message. If this is correct, potentially as a
sender of the original request message, I may receive a DeliveryReceipt
message and later an Acknowledgment(as positive ack) or an ErrorList
message(as negative ack). I'm wondering if the spec actually means the
DeliveryReceipt element, if requested, is to be part of Acknowledgment

Could someone shed some light on this?

DeliveryReceipt message: message containing DeliveryReceipt element.
Acknowledgment message: message containing Acknowledgment element.
ErrorList message: message containing ErrorList element.

Teho Lee

Tel (408) 350-9533 

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