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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg-comment] Question about DeliveryReceipt andAcknowledgment message

There was some confusion about this in v1.0.  This all surrounds Multi-hop.
Effectively, the DeliveryReceipt was an end-to-end ack and the Acknowledgment
was a next-hop ack.  Since this led to confusion, we changed our tact and used
only the Acknowledgment element in v2.0.

With v2.0, there may be multiple Acknowledgment elements on the same message.
If there is an Acknowledgment, it may be targeted either to the next-hop or to
the end.  There may be Acknowledgments targeted to both.  To request an
Acknowledgment, use AckRequested targeted either to the next-hop or to the end.
There may not be more than two AckRequested elements on a single message and if
there are two, they may not both be targeted at the same thing.  To target an
element at the next-hop, use the SOAP:actor attribute (with a value of
"...nextMSH").  If SOAP:actor is not present, then the element is targeted at
the end.

With v2.0, DeliveryReceipt has been deleted.

If there are structural problems with the document, send an Error.  Some Errors
will only be sent by the end (signature validation, correct Service/Action
values, etc.).


David Fischer
Drummond Group
ebXML-MS Editor.

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee, Teho [mailto:TLee@iona.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 3:26 PM
To: ebXML-MS-Comment (E-mail)
Subject: [ebxml-msg-comment] Question about DeliveryReceipt and
Acknowledgment message

Sorry about re-sending this question if you already received it. I guess I
sent to the wrong eList last time.
In ebXML MS spec v1.18, line 1408, it says "The Delivery Receipt mechanism
MAY also be used to perform End-to-End Reliable Messaging by acting as an
Acknowledement Message.".

To me, the Acknowledgment message is like a functional ack to be sent only
if the message received is structurally correct. While the DeliveryReceipt
is a MSH-level ack which will be sent, if requested, regardless of the
correctness of the original message. If this is correct, potentially as a
sender of the original request message, I may receive a DeliveryReceipt
message and later an Acknowledgment(as positive ack) or an ErrorList
message(as negative ack). I'm wondering if the spec actually means the
DeliveryReceipt element, if requested, is to be part of Acknowledgment

Could someone shed some light on this?

DeliveryReceipt message: message containing DeliveryReceipt element.
Acknowledgment message: message containing Acknowledgment element.
ErrorList message: message containing ErrorList element.

Teho Lee

Tel (408) 350-9533

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