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Subject: [ebxml-msg-comment] What I am doing with ebXML (was: Is this listactive?)

Thanks Anders for your reply. I noticed that you didn't reply to the list so I replied directly to you and cc'ed the list.

Please let me know if this is objectionable. Perhaps this is better suited for [ebxml-dev]. Apologies in advance if necessary.
Anders wrote:
>Which parts of ebXML will you support and in what type of solutions?

Our application is in the area of Supply Chain Execution. Currently we use a proprietary "resource adapter" that is implemented on-site at our client. This adapter executes a proprietary "insertion handler" that applies the data to our database. Suppliers to our client then log on via the web to view/analyze this information and determine what to ship. It's not really web-EDI, but closer to web-VMI. We also do e-kanban. We have about 2,500 users of the system and typically reduce our client's inventory by 15%.

I am responsible for evolving the proprietary technology above to ebXML compliant. We will transport OAGIS BODs with ebXML MSH, package handler, and data insertion/extraction handlers which will use the BOD noun/verb to execute web services against our application. Our back-end is being evolved under a separate project to J2EE compliance.

I am looking for support in this endeavor as well as contribute to the community. I am no longer a developer and need to first convince our development staff that this is the right way to go.
Is it?

Tony Slosar
Consultant, Application Integration
SupplySolution, Inc.

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