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Subject: [ebxml-msg-comment] Use case question re ebXML message header elements

Hello all,

I am working on an ebXML deployment and have some questions around the
usage of certain ebXML message header elements:

<CoversationID> - My understanding of this element is that it provides a
correlation across several business messages that make up a process.
The question is what constitutes a process from the perspective of a
conversation ID?  Is it:

1 - Just the message and acknowledgement (ie two messages)?
2 - The request & response documents within one transaction plus their
associated message acknowledgements?  (ie four messages)
3 - The entire set of transactions that make up one BPSS collaboration?

My gut says that it should be use case 2.  Reason - it serves no really
useful purpose if it just covers a message and the acknowledgement.
Also an entire collaboration can include messages that are not a direct
1:1 with other messages in the collaboration (eg in an invoice to pay
process, the payment might include several invoices or just part of an
invoice).  Therefore I conclude that <conversationid> should be
maintained accre=oss a process where all documents have a 1:1
correlation with each other.  This is typically the request-response
cycle (oe order / order respomnse) but will include some simple
exceptions (eg order, change order, order response).

There is another element called <RefToMessageID>.  I assume that this
element is used by acknowledgement documents and error document to refer
to the message that initiated the acknowledgement and/or error.  

Hopefully someone can confirm or correct these assumptions?

Steve Capell
Sydney, Australia
Tel : +61 410 437854

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