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Subject: WD 25 comments

Line 289:
"The ebMS V3 specification is divided into two parts described in two
different documents."
Reference to second part, which does not (yet) exist.

Line 988:
"in whcih" --> "in which"

Line 1174:
". Default P-Mode.MEP: One-Way/Push."
. Default P-Mode.MEPbinding: One-Way/Push."

Should this be (per D.3.1) something like:
". Default P-Mode.MEP:
. Default P-Mode.MEPbinding:
http://docs.oasis-open.org/ebxml-msg/ebms/v3.0/ns/core/200704/push"; ?
". Default P-Mode.MEP: One-Way"
. Default P-Mode.MEPbinding: Push" ?

Line 1606:
To be consistent with the PartyId appendix from the CPA spec, should this
change this from:
"<eb:PartyId type="urn:duns">123456789</eb:PartyId>"

Line 2191:
"messageId of the message"
"MessageId of the message"

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