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Subject: Public Review comments to ebXML Messaging Services V 3.0: Part 2

Comments with respect to: http://docs.oasis-open.org/ebxml-msg/ebms/v3.0/part2/201004/ebms-v3-part2-cd-01.pdf

Line 394: editorial - please spell out the acronym MSH (I think this is its first use in the doc).

Line 408 and 490: talks about not modifying the SOAP message, I assume you mean soap headers and soap bodies - if so it might be worth saying this explicitly.

Line 3093: "as these four feature sets are largely independent and composable in various ways."  This sentence doesn't parse - remove "as"? 

Line 3100: "In the absence of any claim to another externally-defined conformance profile" you can't control what other people will claim conformance to, you can only state what it means to comply with this specification. Suggest deleting or softening.

Lines 3100-3102: says that "an implementation of this specification is expected to conform to either one or both of the conformance profiles defined here..." yet there are four profiles defined above! Please clarify. 

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