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Subject: OASIS ebXML Messaging Services First Meeting July 17-18

> To:		ebXML Messaging Services Mail List Subscribers
> From:		Brian Gibb, Interim Chair
> Subject:	First Technical Committee Meeting
> Administrative Items:
> The first meeting of the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Technical
> Committee will be held July 17-18 at Sterling Commerce in Irving, Texas.
> OASIS guidelines require that you notify the technical committee chair of
> your intent to participate 15 days prior to the meeting.  A simple e-mail
> to the interim chair stating your intent to participate and whether you
> will attend in person or by dial-in is sufficient.  The cutoff for
> providing attendance notification for this meeting will be close of
> business Monday, July 2.  Eligible members that do not request
> participation by this time must wait three meetings or 60 days before they
> can be allowed to join the committee.  This meeting will be conducted
> using the English language for communication.
> Resources:
> The call for participation and the proposal for this new technical
> committee can be found at:
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-announce/200105/msg00001.html
> The ebXML Messaging Technical Committee will use the ebXML Message Service
> Specification Version 1.0 as the starting point for discussion at the
> first meeting. This document is available at <http://www.ebxml.org>.
> The strawman agenda prepared by the team at the final meeting in Vienna is
> located at: 
> http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200105/msg00020.html 
> Agenda:
> A detailed agenda will be sent out the week of July 2 to those that have
> registered to attend.  The following is an overview of the items that have
> been suggested for coverage in the meeting:
> *	identify technical committee structure and necessary sub-teams
> *	elect officers (chair and supporting)
> *	establish liaison to other ebXML technical committees,  W3C
> initiatives, and related standards groups
> *	establish schedule for future conference calls and face-to-face
> meetings
> *	review and update previously established functional requirements to
> identify items that have not been addressed by the version 1.0
> specification
> *	report on related technical activities such as W3C XML Protocol,
> Rosettanet, security, OAG, HL7, OTA
> *	review comments and feedback on the version 1.0 specification
> *	discuss preparation of materials that can be used to coordinate the
> relevant portions of the ebXML Message Service Specification with W3C
> efforts such as XML Protocol
> The strawman agenda prepared at the final meeting in Vienna is available
> via the URL in the previous section.  If you have other suggestions for
> topics that need to be covered, please forward them to me so that I can
> place them on the agenda. We may also have a conference call prior to the
> July 17 meeting to finalize the agenda.  I will notify the registered
> participants between July 2 and July 17 if such a call becomes necessary.
> Schedule:
> 	Tuesday, July 17 - Meet from 9AM - 5PM CST
> 	- we will start promptly, so please fly in the night before or
> arrange your travel to accommodate the start time
> 	- breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided, optional get
> together for dinner that evening (please advise the chair in advance of
> the meeting if you have any special dietary requirements)
> 	Wednesday, July 18 - Meet from 9AM - 3PM CST
> 	- breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided
> Logistics:
> Sterling Commerce is located about 15 minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth
> International Airport.  From the airport, take the North Airport exit and
> then TX-114 East toward downtown Dallas.  The Sterling Commerce building
> is located about 9 miles from the airport on highway 114 at 750 W. John
> Carpenter Freeway (the alternate name for TX-114E) between the
> intersections of Macarthur Blvd and Walnut Hill Lane.  Coming from the
> airport, take the Macarthur Blvd exit and continue straight through the
> off-ramp stoplight across Macarthur for another 1/4 mile and the 12 floor
> white building will be easily viewable on your right.  The URL below
> should provide a map and driving directions.  If you have any problems
> finding the building, you may call the main Sterling Commerce number
> (469-524-2000) for additional help.  In addition, WorldTravel, which
> provides travel arrangements for Sterling Commerce is available to assist
> you with flights to Dallas-Fort Worth, auto rental, and hotel
> accommodation.  They can be reached at (469) 524-2001. If you decide to
> use them, please let them know that you are part of the ebXML Technical
> Committee meeting hosted by Sterling Commerce.
> Although physical attendance is highly encouraged due to the detailed
> agenda, a remote telephone dial-in number will be provided in advance of
> the meeting to those members that request to attend remotely.  
> Limited visitor parking is available at the main entrance on the NE side
> of the building.  Alternate visitor parking is located on the ground level
> of the parking garage around the drive on the West side of the building.
> Both sections of visitor parking are clearly marked with signs.
> Hotel Accommodation:
> Here is a list of some of the hotels in the area that visitors often use.
> The first hotel, the Amerisuites, is available for a discount rate of
> $85/night if you ask for the Sterling Commerce discount. It is close and
> most consider it to provide a pleasant stay.
> Amerisuites
> Las Colinas/Walnut Hill
> 5455 Green Park Drive
> Irving, TX 75038
> Tel: (972) 550-7400 Fax: (972) 550-7252
> IRVING, TX 75038 (US) 
> Phone: 972-753-1232 
> IRVING, TX 75038 (US) 
> Phone: 972-714-9990 
> Fairfield Inn Dallas Las Colinas Irving
> 630 West John Carpenter Freeway
> Irving, TX 75039
> Phone: 1-972-550-8800
> Fax: 1-972-756-9175
> Driving Directions from the DFW International Airport:
> http://www.mapquest.com/cgi-bin/mqtrip?link=btwn/twn-ddir_results_page&zoo
> m_in=1&uid=uct2s3m3s1ddq5tb:2lqw8g96t0&SNVData=fy%28aawuaa_%29fzwhwb%3bah7
> -%3d%3a%28_%3dGG_l0ywuf%28.hz7590%282%3d.hq9%3b%28ad6%2b%14%2bIQPW%2bX%13%
> 14HSR%17DC%2bM%19K_KNHJW%18%28VC%3atsua1.1472%3dGG_l0ygdy%28.hy1sqr%282%3d
> .fhxqs-6bqhk1,cjtsc%28y,87%3b2%3bwh%7c2&ADDR_1=750%20w%20john%20carpenter%
> 20freeway&CITY_1=irving&STATE_1=tx&ZIP_1=75039&CC_1=US&results_display_mod
> e=overview&OLL=328909,-970412&LangOpt=1
> Chair Contact Info:
> Brian Gibb, Interim Chair
> Director
> Research & Technology
> Sterling Commerce
> 469.524.2628 (Dallas)
> Brian_Gibb@stercomm.com

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