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Subject: Message ID's

In the Message Specification (TR&P) Version 1.0 (11 May 2001), it says: MessageId element
   The REQUIRED element MessageId is a unique identifier for the message conforming to [RFC2392].
   The "local part" of the identifier as defined in [RFC2392] is implementation dependent.

As far as I can tell, RFC2392 does not actually specify unique
identifiers.  Also, the phrase "local part" does not appear in RFC2392
anywhere.  RFC2392 defines the "mid" URL scheme but does not say
anything about where the unique ID strings come from.

There are a few examples of Message ID's in the Message Specification document.

From the latest JMS spec:

Page 25 shows this example: mid:UUID-2

Page 27 shoes this example: 29dmridj103kvna

Page 72 shows this example: 20001209-133003-28572@example.com

So the text in section seems to be encouraging us to use the
"mid:" prefix, and in the examples above, two are not using "mid:" at

Which side is right?

-- Dan

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