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Subject: Re: Message ID's

Thank you very much for your reply.

It seems to me that it's important to be clear about the distinction
between a message-id on one hand, and a URL using the "mid" scheme on
the other hand.  RFC2392 seems to make a clear distinction.

A "mid" scheme URL appears to be a *reference* to a message, where the
message is identified by a globally unique message-id.  The message-id
itself has no need of being a URL nor of having a "mid:" prefix.

In light of this, I think the example on page 25 of the MSS spec on
line 952, namely


while perfectly legal in the sense that any character string that's
globally unique is an acceptable message-id, is nevertheless
misleading in that "mid:" is normally used as a reference rather than
as a unique ID itself.

The use of "mid:" two lines down, on line 954, also deserves mention:


Here the "mid:" makes more sense than on line 952, because here we're
making a reference to some other message, and making references to
other messages is what "mid:" is about.  On the other hand, the fact
that we're making a reference is quite clear from the XML tag, and
so the use of "mid:" would not seem to be contributing much.

In the example on page 21, line 746, we see a use of eb:RefToMessageId
*without* the "mid:".  Section says of the contents of the
RefToMessageId element: "When present, it MUST contain the MessageId
value of an earlier ebXML Message to which this message relates."
This seems to be saying that the contents should be the message-id
itself, rather than a "mid:" URL.  Section 8.13.1 contains similar

-- Dan

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