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Good Morning!
This hit the wire at 6pm eastern this morning.


Global Commerce Initiative Launches ebXML Messaging Interoperability
Conformance Pilot
“Critical Step in Adoption,” says Rik Drummond, Vs.1 Chair ebXML Messaging

July 20, 2001 (Austin, TX) The Global Commerce Initiative announced today
they would launch the “ebXML Messaging Interoperability Conformance Pilot.”
Drummond Group Inc. will facilitate the interoperability testing of
messaging software between various vendors to develop recommendations for
implementations of these standards.

“Standards are often developed and not adopted,” says Rik Drummond, Chief
Scientist, Drummond Group Inc.  “There was a tremendous amount of work in
developing ebXML and the ebXML messaging specification.  Interoperability
testing ensures that this work will get adopted by the user community
quickly and on a global scale.”

“It is our principle within the Global Commerce Initiative to test the
standards and recommendations we are endorsing,” states Peter Jordan,
Director IS Strategic Projects Kraft Foods International, Member of the GCI
Executive Board and Co-Chair of the Business Process Group. “Our XML pilots
have clearly shown that messaging systems were not interoperable and this
pilot is a big step forward in providing this missing bridge.”

Test Participation
Drummond Group Inc. is now formally soliciting participation in the ebXML
Messaging Interoperability Conformance Pilot.  If you have interest, please
contact Beth Morrow by August 17, 2001 at 512-335-5606 or

Global Commerce Initiative www.globalcommerceinitiative.org
The Global Commerce Initiative (GCI), a voluntary organization comprising
forty of the world's leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, was
created in October 1999 to improve the performance of the international
supply chain for consumer goods through the collaborative development and
endorsement of recommended standards and key business processes.

Drummond Group Inc.  www.drummondgroup.com
The Drummond Group Inc. works with software vendors, vertical industry and
the standards community to drive adoption for standards by facilitating
vertical industry pilots, interoperability conformance testing and building
competitive supply chain strategies. Founded by Rik Drummond, a recognized
leader in eBusiness, the vendor-neutral group represents best-of-breed in
the industry on linking horizontal infrastructure technologies, standards
and interoperability issues with the needs of vertical industry such as
retail, grocery, healthcare, transportation, government and automotive.

Beth Morrow
Drummond Group Inc.
512-335-5606 phone
512-335-5644 fax

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