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Subject: Comments directed to Teams

The ebXML Teams have requested that messages posed directly to the teams have a
subject line prefaced with the Team Designation to ensure timely receipt and
processing.  The Teams are as follows:

Team		Team
Designation	Description
--------------	--------------
  T1		Con Ops Team (Team 1) Lead Ralph Berwanger
		Definition on how things work and why (Architecture)
		V1.0 sections 5 & 6 (make a usage section)
		Define initial Service Interface

  T2		v1.0 Errata Team (Team 2) Lead David Burdett
		Clarifications, Easy bug fixes, NO NEW FUNCTIONALITY,
		Document will be v1.1 and will be a TC Specification
		Comments Cut-off will be 17 August at midnight Pacific

  T3		Requirements Team (Team 3) Lead Brian Gibb
		New Functionality
		Recommendations for v2.0 Document

Example Subject:    T2 Request for Clarification Section 8.2.2


David Fischer
Secretary, ebXML-Msg TC

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