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Subject: T2 Inconsistencies in Section 9

  • Since the StatusRequest element resides in the SOAP Body rather than the SOAP header, the statement on lines 1580-1581 is technically incorrect. It should say "...elements in the SOAP Header and Body."
  • The StatusResponse element described in section 8.13 needs to be updated. The schema in Appendix A shows:
<attribute name="messageStatus" type="tns:messageStatus.type"/>
<simpleType name="messageStatus.type"> <restriction base="NMTOKEN">
<enumeration value="UnAuthorized"/>
<enumeration value="NotRecognized"/>
<enumeration value="Received"/>
<enumeration value="Processed"/>
<enumeration value="Forwarded"/>
The values Processed and Forwarded are missing from section 8.13.3 messageStatus attribute.

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