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Subject: Minutes7-30.doc

Title: Pete Wenzel

Conference Call Attendance:

Pete Wenzel

Chris Ferris

Brian Gibb

David Burdett

Ian Jones

David Fischer

Jae Hoomkim

Arvola Chen

Scott Hinkleman

Brad Lund

Sanjay Cherian

Sinisa Zimek

Ian Jones (chair) brought meeting to order.

Outstanding Issues

Ian needs to write a mission statement.

Team eMail etiquette seems to be working

XML-DIST-APP@W3C.org  should be notified of 17 August deadline.


Scott – Fixing anything on current spec requires further discussion about where to change (OASIS or W3C).  There was a discussion about publishing…  as part of OASIS or W3C.  Do we publish as modular pieces (SOAP bubbles) or as a whole.  What is the end of this process?  Historically, W3C does not just take specifications.  SOAP was submitted and has since spent considerable time in committee.  If this is going to W3C, should it go now rather than later?  Should this spec go to W3C?  What is the opinion of OASIS since they own the spec?  We will discuss on the list and make a decision about a policy at the next F2F.



Ralph:  Not on Call

David B: Working on building a list.  Can’t really start until 17 August.  Ian send DB to David.

Brian Gibb:  Not started yet – reading specs.

Next F2F:

Sept 19 is out (overlaps another XML meeting in Europe).

Oct 3-5 conflicts with XML-One (Sept 29-Oct 4)

Ian will float options to list – how much can get done on the list?


Next ConCall

Aug 13. – Host Scott.

Next Meeting we will discuss Errata and Concept of Operations.

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