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Subject: T1 - ConOp Starting Point

I have finally surfaced.  We have been very busy the last couple weeks
finalizing the UN/CEFACT group responsible for the ebXML follow-on
work--the business components of course.  Anyway, let me turn my
attention to the Concept of Operation discussion that we were having at
the face-to-face.

Jim Huges suggested at the meeting that we really needed to take a look
at the contents of Sections 5 and 6 in the Version 1.0 specification.
He was suggesting that we flesh out these to provide the additional
information that was needed.  I will attempt to put the discussion into
	1.  The current specificiation contains a design objectives
section (5) and a system overview (6), but does not clearly address
either issue. We asked some basic questions in Dallas.  What is the
purpose of the MSH?  Where are the operational boundaries?  
	2.  I suggested that we needed to have a Concept of Operation
that provided that level of detail.  I really was trying to get my arms
around the requirements for the MSH; wanting to be able to determine
what the requirements were, which were satisfied, which were yet to be
satisfied, and which could not be satisfied based on current technology.

	3.  I promised to examine the IEEE Standard 1362 to see what
changes could be made to the specification to help remove  the ambiguity
present in the current specification.

I have examined the two documents (IEEE STD 1362 and the Messaging Spec,
V1.0).  Many areas of the IEEE document would be overkill for our
specification; however, I think that we could add a couple changes to
enhance and clarify the document.  I recommend that sections 5 and 6 of
the current specification be replaced with a new section 5.  The new
section 5 could be called the "Concept of Operation for ebXML Messaging
Services".  I am not too concerned with the title.  The new section
would include the following subsections:
	1.  Background, Objective and Scope
	2.  Operational policies and constraints
	3.  Modes of operation
	4.  User classes and others involved

This change would require that we relocate section 6.3 that deals with
the "Use of the version attribute".  It really does not belong where it
currently is.  Those involved in the ebXML TRP group will remember that
we did not realy have a good place to put this text.  

I hope that this message will awaken the ConOp discussion.  I think the
new sections 2 and 4 are the ones most needed based on our discussions
in Dallas.  I look forward to comments on this proposal. I have enclosed
a copy of the IEEE document.  
Ralph Berwanger 


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