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Subject: Re: T2 - Assertions and Questions

   Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 16:41:45 -0400
   From: David Smiley <dsmiley@mercator.com>

   In my mind, the "chasm model" can be broken only under the following

   Give a use case in which there is an intermediary which cannot be considered
   to be part of either the From Party or the To Party. More specifically, a
   use case where the destination for a message specified by the To Party that
   is not part of the To Party's "business chain", to coin another term.

The question of whether there are any such use cases that are part of
our requirements, then, is very important: if there are, then Message
Services has to go back to knowing about "intermediaries" again.  The
main benefit of the layering of the "chasm model" was to simplify
Message Services by taking out the whole concept of intermediaries.
So it's really a question of what use cases are required.

-- Dan

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