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Subject: Re: T2: Use of application/xml in payload container example

Because the authors of SOAP and SOAP Messages with Attachments
specified that the content type for a SOAP envelope to be text/xml
despite the compelling arguments such as you have outlined below.

You are correct that application/xml is "more correct" than text/xml
(at least as far as I am concerned;-) Of course, I have (as have
others) been lobbying for a more succinct media type for the
SOAP envelope, specifically application/soap+xml. The jury is 
still out on that one I think (I hope;-)



Dan Weinreb wrote:
> In the Example of a Payload Container (section 7.4.1, line 505), the
> Content-Type is shown as being "application/xml", whereas in the
> Header Container Example (section 7.3.2, line 474), the Content-Type
> is "text/xml".  Why?
> The guideline for this distinction seems to be RFC 3023, section 3, bottom
> of page 4:
>    If an XML document -- that is, the unprocessed, source XML document
>    -- is readable by casual users, text/xml is preferable to
>    application/xml.  MIME user agents (and web user agents) that do not
>    have explicit support for text/xml will treat it as text/plain, for
>    example, by displaying the XML MIME entity as plain text.
>    Application/xml is preferable when the XML MIME entity is unreadable
>    by casual users.
> That does not seem to explain what's going on in the examples.  It's
> hard to see why the SOAP document in the header container is more
> "textual" and less "applicationlike" than the Invoice document in the
> payload container.
> -- Dan
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