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Subject: Re: T2, Proposed solution for ... Re: SyncReplyandReliableMessagingMethod in QualityOfServiceInfo

   Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 17:44:44 -0400
   From: christopher ferris <chris.ferris@east.sun.com>

   Consider the use case where an intermediary is a marketplace
   that has matched a buyer and seller, that takes a "cut"
   as it were of the transactions between the buyer and seller.
   Basically, the marketplace wants to know when the parties
   transact the business 
   It would be a bad thing if it counted each retry as a distinct
   transaction. It must therefore apply idempotency check on the
   messages it processes and then forwards to the next hop in the
   message path.

In this use case, the layering I've been describing doesn't do the
right thing, because here the IM really needs to recognize an
end-to-end retransmit as being a duplicate.  (Or to put it more
crudely, the IM needs to see the HLPUID.)

   I will add that I feel that in this case, the intermediary is
   actually a part of the overall process, 

I agree, and that's why it has to be aware of the HLP stuff.

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