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Subject: proposed T2 con-call Wed 8/29 8:00 am PDT

Everyone who signed up for T2,

Specifically, as cited in the minutes of the kick-off mtg in
Dallas, that would be:

Brad, Arvola, David F, David B (lead), Colleen

I'll add myself to that list. Others are encouraged to
join if they can commit to contribute to this effort.

I just spoke to David B. He appologizes for not being on the call.
But he gave up after 10-15 minutes of being on hold.

I brought him up to speed on today's discussion. He agrees that
we need to start working the identified issues to get the
non-controversial issues resolved and turned over to the editing
team for incorporation into the 1.1 draft.

We'd like to schedule a T2 con-call for this Wednesday 8/29 8:00 am PDT,
10:00 am CDT, 11:00 am EDT for an hour to discuss moving forward with issue
resolution as was discussed in today's call.

Unless a majority have difficulty with this proposed time,
I'll make the con-call arrangements and send them to the list
by EOB today.

Proposed agenda:
	- review status - David B
	- next steps - all
	- assignment of issues - all



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