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Subject: RE: T2 Message ID in Response


Each new message has a unique MessageId (an ack or DR or Error is still a new
message) but all messages in the same conversation (as your example appears)
have the same ConversationId.  What I see in your example that I wonder about is
the RefToMessageId.  Should the RefToMessageId always be the first MessageId or
should it *increment* so that it is the previous MessageId?  I think this is a
case of an Ack on an Ack or DR on DR and will probably work itself out by
limiting those.

In the case of a StatusRequest:

Company A
StatusRequest; MID=1@A; RTMID=

Company B
DeliveryReceipt; MID=1@B; RTMID=1@A
StatusResponse; MID=1@B; RTMID=1@A (same message)

Company A
DeliveryReceipt; MID=2@A; RTMID=1@B

In the case of an Error on DR:

Company A
Message; MID=11@A; RetryCount=0; RTMID=

Company B
DeliveryReceipt; MID=21@B; RTMID=11@A
**Send XXX **Failure

Company A
Message Retry; MID=11@A; RetryCount=1; RTMID=

Company B
DeliveryReceipt; MID=22@B; RTMID=11@A

Company A
Error on DR; MID=12@A; RTMID=22@B (error on DR so no DR processed)
. . .

Company A
Message; MID=11@A;  RetryCount=4; RTMID=
**Retries Exceeded so notify Sending Application
Assuming I got all this right, should we add pictures/examples?


David Fischer
Drummond Group.

-----Original Message-----
From: Colleen Evans [mailto:cevans@sonicsoftware.com]
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2001 12:44 PM
To: ebXML Msg
Subject: T2 Message ID in Response

A very basic question, but in looking through the 1.0 spec,
email threads, and issues log, I can't find an answer.

MessageID uniquely identifies a message
RefToMessageID references that unique MessageID to identify
a message that an ack, status request / response, etc.
relates to.

My assumption is that the sending MSH generates the unique
MessageID (based on the critera of RFC 2392).  Does the
receiving MSH use the same MessageID for the response, or
does it generate a new, unique MessageID for the response
message and use the RefToMesageID to indicate that it is a
response to the sending MSH Message?

I think the spec requires some text somewhere to clarify, or
it could be interpreted a couple of ways.


Colleen Evans
Principal Product Manager
Sonic Software Corporation
phone:  720 480-3919 or 303 791-3090
email:  cevans@sonicsoftware.com

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