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Subject: revised ebMS V1.02

Attached are the latest version of the spec for the f2f this
week and an updated issues / change tracking list.  Both
documents indicate through revisions what has changed from
the last draft distributed to the list (V1.01 draft, dated
24 Sept 01).  All revisions made in the 24 Sept. V1.01 draft
were accepted prior to creation of this version, so all
revisions marked in this document have been made since then.

Please note that the section numbering has changed in this
version as a result of the con ops text, which combined
sections 5 and 6 into one section.

There are still quite a few issues / questions to be
resolved, as explained in the tracking list.  I've also
added some editorial questions at the top for consideration
by the TC.


ebMS V1.02 draft 01 Oct 2001.doc

ebXML MS editorial changes 10012001.doc

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