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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Issues for discussions

I have gone one pass over the issues in David Burdett's issues database


and divided them into the following categories:

- Sync reply
- Reliable messaging parameters
- Reliable messaging protocol
- Editorial
- Minor technical
- Substantive enhancements

The attached zipped Word document contains brief descriptions for each issue
along with my recommendations on most of them. For next Monday's conference
call, I suggest that we start discussing the sync reply and reliable
messaging parameters issues since they have implications on the CPP/A team's
work. I am optimistic that these two categories will not require a lot of
discussions and we can start on a third category during the call. If much
time is left, we can proceed with the reliable messaging protocol issues.
Otherwise, we can at least go through the editorial ones.


Categorization of issues 10172001.zip

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