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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Re: SOAP Fault location


I received a question about SOAP Faults and ebXML Error from a developer.

Q1. When receiver side MSH returns an error condition to sender side MSH,
    can the receiver side MSH send both ebXML Error and SOAP Fault using
    one HTTP response (or one separate HTTP request in asynchronous mode)
    at same time ?
    I guess the answer to the question is "No". 

Q2. The ebXML Message Service spec says:

        "When asynchronous mode of message exchange is being used, a
         HTTP response code in the range 2xx MUST be returned when the
         message is received successfully and any error conditions
         (including SOAP errors) must be returned via a separate HTTP
         Post." (on P65 in v1.05)

    However if answer to the Q1 above is "No", when sender side MSH
    received a SOAP Fault by a separate HTTP POST in asynchronous mode,
    how the sender side MSH know that which sent messages's error is
    indicated by the SOAP Fault? SOAP Fault itself has not
    RefToMessageId element...


SHIMAMURA Masayoshi <shima.masa@jp.fujitsu.com>
TEL:+81-45-476-4590(ext.7128-4241)  FAX:+81-45-476-4726(ext.7128-6783)
Planning Dep., Strategic Planning Div., Software Group, FUJITSU LIMITED

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