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Subject: Fw: [ebxml-msg] Re: SOAP Fault location


I think this is an error handling issue. Please put this on the issue list.

SOAP message/Fault does not have messageID/Reference message ID,
so ebXML can't identify the message from SOAP Fault message.



> I received a question about SOAP Faults and ebXML Error from a developer.
> Q1. When receiver side MSH returns an error condition to sender side MSH,
>     can the receiver side MSH send both ebXML Error and SOAP Fault using
>     one HTTP response (or one separate HTTP request in asynchronous mode)
>     at same time ?
>     I guess the answer to the question is "No". 
> Q2. The ebXML Message Service spec says:
>         "When asynchronous mode of message exchange is being used, a
>          HTTP response code in the range 2xx MUST be returned when the
>          message is received successfully and any error conditions
>          (including SOAP errors) must be returned via a separate HTTP
>          Post." (on P65 in v1.05)
>     However if answer to the Q1 above is "No", when sender side MSH
>     received a SOAP Fault by a separate HTTP POST in asynchronous mode,
>     how the sender side MSH know that which sent messages's error is
>     indicated by the SOAP Fault? SOAP Fault itself has not
>     RefToMessageId element...
> Regards, 
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> SHIMAMURA Masayoshi <shima.masa@jp.fujitsu.com>
> TEL:+81-45-476-4590(ext.7128-4241)  FAX:+81-45-476-4726(ext.7128-6783)
> Planning Dep., Strategic Planning Div., Software Group, FUJITSU LIMITED
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