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Subject: [ebxml-msg] CPA & MS overriding parameters

Hi All,

After hearing the discussion today over the phone on CPA parameters
MS parameters, I have to make the following case (a possible compromise):

If CPA is indeed a document that captures policy, then CPA may also
specify which MS parameters that the parties to the CPA wants
to override using the values in the CPA (the duplication serves as a check,
if necessary). This allows for both business cases
where CPA values are never overridden, and the other business case
of MSG overriding some values.

The advantage of this approach is that CPA work can proceed independent
of MS and vice versa. We may think of making OPTIONAL any parameter
that must also appear in CPA. We may be even able to create MSH and CPA

The only issue now is to consider what the default behavior is.
Since there are only a few parameters that are under discussion, perhaps
letting MS override
CPA might be a good default. I can live with the other way around also.

Just my 2 cents worth of wisdom after cramping my neck listening in for
3 hours of back and forth arguments and votes.


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