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Subject: [ebxml-msg] SynchReply module


Here is the proposal for the SyncReply module.



X SyncReply Module

There are use cases where it is necessary for the sender of a message, using
a synchronous communications protocol, such as HTTP, to receive the
associated response message over the same connection that the request
message was delivered. In the case of HTTP, the sender of the HTTP request
message containing an ebXML message needs to have the response ebXML
message delivered to it on the corresponding HTTP response message.

In the case where there are intermediary nodes (either ebXML MSH nodes or
possibly other SOAP nodes) involved in the message path, it is necessary 
to provide
some means by which the sender of a message can indicate that it is 
expecting a response
so that the intermediary nodes can keep the connection open.

The SyncReply ebXML SOAP extension element is provided for this purpose.

X.1 SyncReply element

The SyncReply element MAY be present as a direct child descendant of the 
SOAP Header
element. It has the following attributes:
    - SOAP actor attribute with a value of 
    - SOAP mustUnderstand attribute with a value of '1' or 'true'

If present, this element indicates to the receiving SOAP or ebXML MSH 
node that the
connection over which the message was received SHOULD be kept open in 
that a response message will  be returned via that same connection.

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