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Subject: [ebxml-msg] proposed MS conformance clause(s)

Title: proposed MS conformance clause(s)

Hi all:

As a follow-up to the last f-2-f where we discussed conformance clause,
here are the three candidate clauses the IIC came up with (Options 1, 2 and 3),
for your review.
A conformance clause should normally be included in the final spec document.

These clauses reflect conformance levels (rather than profiles),
as deemed most appropriate by the IIC TC, based on implementation and usage
investigation (see the "rationale" section at the end, as well as "definitions").
These levels do not attempt to match functionally all possible profiles/agreements (CPP/A),
but should rather be considered as properties of the MSH implementation itself -
establishing a few broad classes of implementations (yet coherent from usage perspective),
and with which (a few) standard test suites will be associated, so that certification
options can be limited.


Jacques Durand
Fujitsu Software
IIC, conformance clause WG






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