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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Agenda items for 10 Dec

A couple of points that should be on our agenda for next week:
  1. Some of the emails about Message Order seem to be pulling for removing the Message Order feature.  Should vote on that.
  2. It's unclear whether Marty, Dan and others have a consistent proposal to address their issues about the ConversationId (or is it just the length of a conversation?).  I would like a proposal to vote on next week.
  3. I doubt all of the issues raised in the last few weeks may be considered purely editorial.  I (for example) have made a number of proposals around error handling (beyond what we discussed today, eg. an error for unrecognised services), versioning, NRR, Reliable Messaging and other conflicting areas of the text.  Many of these I recognise are technical issues.  Some of my editorial suggestions could also be considered technical, I'm not sure.  I would appreciate David reading through the various proposed changes (not just mine :-) and selecting all that go beyond "editorial" for inclusion in this agenda.  As a backup, others should also be reading these suggestions.

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