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Subject: [ebxml-msg] question about QoS

I have 2 questions/comments about the recent talk regarding QualifyOfService and DuplicationElimination.
1. It was said that QoS with DuplicationElimination must be present in every message. Does this include MSH types messages where DuplicationElimination would never be true? i.e. ping/ping/StatusRequest/StatusResponse/Acknowledgements must also include QoS with DuplicationElimination =false.
2. Since QualifyOfService only contains one attribute (DuplicationElimination) why not rename the "QualifyOfService" element to "DuplicationElimination"? This would also mean that question #1 above wouldn't make sense. This element would only appear when "DuplicationElimination" is true. This would be more in line with other elements like "AckRequested" and "SyncReply". IMO leaving QualifyOfService the way it is seems inconsistent with the rest of the spec.
Cliff Collins
URL: http://www.skyweyr.com/cliff

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