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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] ebXML Security


Please note that the ebMS spec does not *define* the
elements and attributes from the dsig namespace, we
merely describe their use in a way that is fully consistent
with the XML Signature spec.



Rich Salz wrote:

>>4) None of the text in section 4.1 that relates to the definition of
>>specific elements defined by the "ds" namespace can be normative, as
>>the normative definition of these elements is in fact provided in a
>>document prepared by another organization (W3).
> I disagree.  It is quite common for one spec to incorporate another "by
> reference."
> Whether or not you WANT to do that is, of course, a separate question.
> You can be as normative about DSIG as you can be about HTTP, MIME, SwA,
> SOAP, etc.
> 	/r$

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