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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Whitespace problem with XMLDSIG usage in ebMSS

Impressive analysis Sanjay.

I disagree with one part:

>The solution to this latter problem is to require MSHs to apply the XSL
>transform to ds:SignedInfo elements BEFORE signing and BEFORE verifying
> (that is, before the XMLDSIG implementation gets the envelope). 

This is often not possible.  In many DSIG toolkits, the ds:SignedInfo is
generated by the signing code, and the application has no capability to
generate or modify it.

I think the only practical thing is to include a warning that
intermediate MSH's must treat at least ds:Signature elements as if the
xml:space="preserve" attribute is set.

Zolera Systems, Your Key to Online Integrity
Securing Web services: XML, SOAP, Dig-sig, Encryption

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