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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Minor discrepancy between spec and schema

The following is an excerpt from Section 3.2.1:

The Reference element has the following attribute content in addition to the element content described above:

          id an XML ID for the Reference element,

          xlink:type this attribute defines the element as being an XLINK simple link. It has a fixed value of 'simple',

          xlink:href this REQUIRED attribute has a value that is the URI of the payload object referenced. It SHALL conform to the XLINK [XLINK] specification criteria for a simple link.

          xlink:role this attribute identifies some resource that describes the payload object or its purpose. If present, then it SHALL have a value that is a valid URI in accordance with the [XLINK] specification,

          Any other namespace-qualified attribute MAY be present. A Receiving MSH MAY choose to ignore any foreign namespace attributes other than those defined above.

The bullet in red is inconsistent with the schema (which does not have the #wildcard attribute). Since the Reference element already has a #wildcard sub-element, and we have agreed to uniformly add #wildcard sub-element to most key elements to provide extensibility, I would recommend striking out the above bullet in red.



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