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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Edit Items.

We already voted NOT to do this kind of editorial round again. 
Excerpt from Conference Call 1-22-02
    Motion:  Following the validation of the specifications, if any clarifications to the
    specification are required, we will ballot that specification for consideration for
    submission prior to submitting to OASIS. Bob, second: David F.

Question:  What do we mean by freezing technical changes?  (Doug)  Changing PositiveInteger to nonNegativeInteger is correcting

an inconsistency not a technical change.


Friendly Amendment:  Voting would be to consider any errata

from items received or implementation experience before it is

submitted to the OASIS membership.  These will be voted on as a new TC specification. Chris.  Bob did not accept.


Comment:  We need a Change Control Officer for the next 6 weeks Ian. (Doug agree).


Ian any objections (no) motion passes.


Most of the items marked as Disagree are to comply with the vote cited above.  These items are not *correcting an inconsistency* nor *required clarifications*.  We can deal with this kind of thing in v3.0. 
I would like to withdraw my submission titled ebMS_v2_0revA.pdf.  Ian, please do not post to the web site.
David Fischer
Drummond Group.

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