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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Issue#33: 7.2 Methods ...

I have suggested in issue #33 that the phrase:

"using ebXML SOAP structures together with ..."


"using ebXML SOAP extension modules together with...""

DavidF has taken exception to this in his comments on
the revised issues list he sent out.

My rationale for the requested editorial change is that
the term "ebXML SOAP structures" is not used elsewhere
in the specification. Rather, we have nearly consistently
used the phrase "ebXML SOAP extension elements". I think that
the current choice of phrase (structures) is confusing
and that we should use terminology in a consistent manner.

I would therefore propose that rather than the proposed
change to: "extension modules" that we use the term
"extension elements". Thus, the proposed replacement text would

"using ebXML SOAP extension elements together with ..."

so as to be consistent with the rest of the specification.



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