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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Issue 42.


I think you're assuming they only have the right to bundle the Acknowledgment element into a message coming from the original To party.  I'd say the intermediary in question could much more easily create a new ebXML message from themselves containing only the Acknowledgment element.

Even in the bundling case, the Acknowledgment / From element doesn't provide the receiving MSH with anything but logging information.  That part of the issue is described better in the XML file.

To reiterate my resolution, I was proposing removing this confusing and unnecessary element from the Acknowledgment element.  I mentioned an alternative I didn't particularly like.  The best reason to leave things as they are is the inclusion of this element (with ordinality 0 or 1) in the 1.0 version but I'm betting nobody has used it in any implementation to date.


David Fischer wrote:

 I finally remembered why there is a From in Acknowledgment.  What if the Acknowledgment is not generated by the Receiving MSH -- if it is generated by an Intermediary.Regards,David.

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