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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Requirements & meeting next week

Hi, everyone,

Some more details for next weeks meeting in Miami.

First I must apologise for the error on the web site regarding the need to
re-register this is not an OASIS requirement. I chose the wrong wording I
was ask people to declare their interest in active participation as a number
of people have changed positions in recent months. This will allow me to
have an accurate list on the web site and not inconvenience anyone who is no
longer able or wishes to participate in our effort.

Below is a provisional agenda comments – I’ll post a copy to the web
site before the end of the week.

I would appreciate if those people planning to attend next week e-mail me so
that I have an idea of numbers.

A suggestion has been made to allow us to provide a dial-in facility for
those unable to attend, to facilitate this we require someone to host the
call and I may be able to arrange something. However, I would suggest that
as this is requirements and initial work meeting that we arrange a call for
Thursday October 10th in the morning. This would allow those present to
explain the outcome of the first day after posting any relevant information
to the list overnight and give those dialled in an opportunity to comment.
From personal experience it can be very difficult to follow a long meeting
remotely without access to the "whiteboard". BUT I MUST have a volunteer to
host the call either Thursday morning from about 9:30 or for the entire
meeting, before arranging telephone facilities for the meeting.

Final request – I have received no new requirements or comments on those I
posted to the list – please submit them for next week or we will NOT be
able to put them on the work list. The only comments I have received have
been about minor mistakes in the existing 2.0 spec.

I will be in Miami from Tuesday afternoon I hope to see some of you then.

Thank you,


email: ian.c.jones@bt.com <mailto:ian.c.jones@bt.com> 


Agenda – Provisional

Start 9:00 am Wednesday October 9th

Take role for meeting – including informed leave of absences

Assign roles for meeting – Secretary, etc.

Validate requirements already posted to web site

Capture any new requirements

Prioritise Requirements – Must to would be a nice feature

Create work plan

Assign roles for work plan

Conference call schedule and initial volunteers to host, tentative date for
next face to face meeting and ideas for a location.


People may volunteer for team roles such as secretary and editor, or to host
calls or a future meeting even if they cannot attend the meeting.

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