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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Issue for your review

Hi all,

 In the current DrummondGroup ebXML Messaging Interop
 we have a issue that would be really helpful to have input
 from the committee.  This is somewhat subtle but
 but thorny problem that we are having in the current
 DGI ebXML Messaging interop.

 The problem is on an asynchronous message with
 acknowledgment.  Some implementations are returning
 the ack before the original http response...
 In other words, I post a message to you and I'm 
 waiting for the http reply, I receive the ack
 first, then I receive the http reply. This obviously
 has a big effect on the architecture of an MSH solution.

 Do you'all have any comment on this ?  
 Thanks !

 mike dillon
 817 875 0794

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