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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Issue for your review

Hi Mike,

> Should it be at the point of getting a HTTP 2xx response? or
> when the MSH feels it has sent the message but without getting
> a 2xx?  I would think it is the former.
> If we take the later route (which seems to be what people are
> saying) then the receiving MSH may get a HTTP 500 AFTER it has
> sent the MSH ack back.  Now the sender side thinks the receiver
> has got the message but in fact receiver side does not have it!??

My feeling is that the state of HTTP (transport level) comms doesn't
matter here.   If the Receiving MSH persists the ebXML message then it has
received it.   If the Sending MSH receives the subsequent ebXML Ack then
it will not retry and the transaction is complete.

Essentially the Receiving MSH got the ebXML message, the Sending MSH got
the ebXML Ack, so delivery complete.  Whatever is reported by the HTTP
transport (5xx, 4xx, xxx) along the way does not affect the outcome as the
ebXML layer data was exchanged ok.

My primary point being that because ebXML has its own reliability
mechanism it should not be concerned with the state of the transport
protocol it's using.

Best Regards,

Dave Elliot
XML Global Technologies

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