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Subject: [ebxml-msg] RE: [wssqop-discuss] CPPA ppt slides - WSDL mapping forCPP/CPA

Hi Dale,

Thanks for sending us your prsentation in advance.

Some questions/comments:

1) Has the ebXML Messaging/CPP/A TCs decided if and when they 
will support WSDL mapping for CPP/A? 

I consider CPP/CPA to be a super-set of WSDL since WSDL 
provides binding and service information while CPP additionally
provides information about the participating web service
parties (e.g., role of an organization) in context of a 
particular service as well error handling and other failure 

2) Also, has any decision been made about creating WSDL extension 
elements that reference CPA document?

It would be great if WSDL mapping for ebXML CPP/CPA is supported 
in ebXML v3. However, I understand that a dependency on a more 
complete WSDL v. 1.2 spec may be a factor in including WSDL
support in v3.

The reason of my inquiry is the following. If/when ebXML Messaging
decides to support SOAP message-level security using OASIS WSS 
(e.g., for carrying encrypted and signed payloads and to carry
SAML Tokens) and if/when ebXML CPA documents can be referenced via 
WSDL documents, I think we may have a subset of the solution 
required for WSDL-centric security policy managment for OASIS 
WSS message security features. 

However, it is desirable to support interoperable security
policies for all OASIS WSS features, not just a subset.

Lastly, my sense is that such future standards work may require 
some consolidation in terms of development such that it could be
re-used in various standards (and most importantly non-ebXML
web services applications that may use WSS).

Zahid Ahmed
Commerce One, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dale Moberg [mailto:dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 11:25 AM
To: Tim Moses; WSS QoP
Subject: [wssqop-discuss] CPPA ppt slides


I put a ppt for ebXML CPPA with some general 
introductory slides taken from previous
presentations, which is then followed by a 
drilldown on how capabilities and
agreements concerning message level 
envelopes (for data confidentiality)
are captured in CPA 2.0. 

Other security features--
digital signature, transport security, etc--
are captured in analogous ways. There
are some other aspects in the packaging
that would reflect on-the-wire aspects of how
the security features are realized that I
did not go into in the ppt but can be
considered and discussed tomorrow.

I put the file at the following URL
and you can browse it tomorrow on the call.

Dale Moberg

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