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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Additional feedback to ebMS2.0 and CPPA

> > 3. It is ambiguous which value you should use
> >     for Role element under From and To element
> >     in the MessageHeader.
> >     CollaborationProtocolAgreement/PartyInfo/CollaborationRole/Role@name
> >                     or
> >
> CollaborationProtocolAgreement/PartyInfo/CollaborationRole/Role@xlink:href
> >     There is description that URI is recommended for the value
> >     but sample of the CPPA specification is using the other one:
> >     @name : "Buyer"
> >     @xlink:href : "http://www.rosettanet.org/processes/3A4.xml#Buyer";
> I'm not entirely certain what the issue is here.  Are you commenting on
> another ambiguous interaction between the CPP/A or BPSS documents
> and an ebXML
> Message conforming to those requirements, something similar to our earlier
> discussions around the Service and Action values?  If I remember
> correctly,
> those earlier discussions were resolved (after discussion between
> the TC's and
> with UN/CEFACT) in the CPP/A or BPSS specifications.  Our current
> specification certainly does not describe the specific source in a BPSS or
> CPP/A instance for the Service or Action values.  Are you suggesting a
> different approach for the Role element value or am I missing the
> real issue?

I think what Iwasa is talking about here is the same confusion that happened
in the Drummond interopt. When sending/receiving a message, the MSH tries to
get the role for the partyId for the given To/From element. The problem is
what is the value of the "role" in the MSH to/from element from the CPA.
Assuming below is the XML for the role in the CPA:

<tp:Role tp:name="buyer" xlink:type="simple"

Some implementers took the "name" as the role to insert/verify on a ebxml
message while some took the href.

Personally, I thought it was the href since the MSH spec says this is
"preferred to be a URI". However, we had to implement comparing against
both. It would be nice if the spec was clear which value from the CPA should
be used.


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