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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Reporting Mechanism for EbXML Errors?

Hi all,

I just wanted to confirm a point regarding reporting of errors in ebXML

If a given inbound soap message package identifies itself as ebXML and
is not valid per the EBXML 2.0 XML Schema is it expected that a SOAP
Fault is returned?

For example, suppose an inbound ebXML message specifies an error
severity of "Errors" in violation of the allowed values ("Error" or
"Warning")...is this problem to be reported as a SOAP Fault?

My aim is to confirm the bounds to which the ebXML error reporting
mechanism is expected to apply...  (to tie down distinctions in the
treatment of "XML validation" problems and "ebXML validation" problems
for a given message...)

Best Regards,

Dave Elliot
XML Global Technologies

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