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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Errata Format and Style etc


I would much prefer this document be a 'tidy' HTML document and that it 
liberally use links to tie the comments into the PDF version of our 
specification.  (Are links in to a PDF document possible?  Guess we 
could fall back to linking into the Word document.)

Beyond that delivery and linking issues, I don't have many qualms with 
this format.  The introductory material may not be necessary but also 
doesn't cause a problem.

In the final section, you've included a few "act liberally" comments. 
 I'd recommend we act a bit more forcefully about at least the SOAP 
non-compliance issues (if this can be classed as such).  Even for the 
clarification around SyncReply in a synchronous reply, we should 
recommend both parsing such a response without error and not creating 
one in the first place.  As a general rule, we should balance acting 
liberally on receipt with recommendations to clarify the options for 


Mike Dillon - Drummond Group wrote:

>Hi all,
> Attached is a draft of the Errata format
> that Ian has graciously furnished and I 
> have filled in some sections for ebXML Messaging.
> I am looking for any comments on style, format...
> I will continue to update the items from the various
> interops, ebxml-msg@lists.oasis-open.org the 
> requirements and other sources, and send out 
> an update next week.
> thanks !
> mike dillon
> mike@drummondgroup.com
> 817 875 0794 

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