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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Docbook Package for ebxml-msg


As promised, I've put together a package which when paired with a Java 
1.2+ installation will allow you to develop and build our v3 
specification in Docbook.  I've framed up the basics, and provided a 
readme in the archive outlining how to get started.

The errata document can be developed using this package as well, so 
Mike, if you have any questions on how to do that, let me know.

The package bundles Saxon (XSLT + AElfred XML Parser), docbook-xsl, 
oasis-xsl plus content boilerplate and some build scripts for *n[i|u]x 
and windows.

If anyone needs help getting set up, or even with Docbook itself, my 
email box is always open.




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