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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Wiki for Comments??

Given that our next specification and current errata are to be 
published in HTML form, we could potentially foster a more efficient 
and inclusive comment protocol by using a "Wiki".

A Wiki is basically just a collaboration tool which allows you to edit 
a web page, and have your comments show up in the document.  If we were 
working on documents, we could generate HTML from docbook, but the 
output in the Wiki space, and let everyone in the TC have at it.  The 
wiki activity would be taking place on a non-authoritative, yet shared, 
copy of the document so there wouldn't be any risk of loosing work.

This would sort of be like how we (or some of us) print out a draft 
copy of a document, mark it up, then commit the changes based on the 
markup on the draft.

Any thoughts?


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